Smoke Cans

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Smoke Cans

Smoke Cans
Just place a Hi Mountain Smokehouse Can on your grill, wait 5 minutes for smoke to start before placing food on the grill. Close the lid and let cook. You will have that great smoke flavor–quick and easy! Made with real coffee beans, citrus and herbs. Cans can be used 1 to 5 times depending on grilling time.


Alder Orange Peel Smoke Can

Liven up your salmon and poultry with the citrus smoke from our Alder Orange Peel Smoke Can. The Alder wood chips and orange peel give food a bright, sweet smoke flavor.



Hickory Lemon Basil Smoke Can

Our Hickory, Lemon Basil Smoke Can is fantastic with fish and poultry. This flavor combination gives food a unique and delicious taste.



Mesquite Coffee Bean Smoke Can

Natural Mesquite wood with real coffee beans create a smoky flavor that compliments steaks and ribs.